What is another word for mallee?

Pronunciation: [mˈaliː] (IPA)

Mallee is a term that is commonly used to describe eucalyptus-dominated vegetation found in the semi-arid areas of Australia. However, there are several synonyms that can also describe this type of vegetation, such as scrub, bush, heath, and woodland. Scrub refers to dense vegetation that is often found in regions with poor soil, while bush is a term that can be used to describe dense vegetation that is typically lower-growing than scrub. Heath is another synonym that is often used to describe vegetation that is dominated by low shrubs, while a woodland is a type of vegetation that is dominated by trees with an understory of shrubs.

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Usage examples for Mallee

There is a large area of country in Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales known as the mallee, the name being derived from a dense dwarf eucalyptus scrub which covers the land in its natural state.
"Wheat Growing in Australia"
Australia Department of External Affairs
There is thus a sound prospect fronting the new settler, as he might start on the mallee country share farming, and on what he has earned establish himself on a holding of his own, with all the advantage of a practical experience of that particular type of land and the climate.
"Wheat Growing in Australia"
Australia Department of External Affairs
The mallee soil is mostly sandy loam, but red and black loams, varying from sand to clay, are found.
"Wheat Growing in Australia"
Australia Department of External Affairs

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