What is another word for marsupial mouse?

Pronunciation: [mɑːsˈuːpɪəl mˈa͡ʊs] (IPA)

The term "marsupial mouse" generally refers to small, omnivorous, mouse-like marsupials belonging to the Family Dasyuridae. There are numerous synonyms for this group of animals, including shelf mice, pouched mice, native mice, phascogales, antechinuses, and quolls. These marsupials are found throughout Australia and New Guinea, and their taxonomy is complex due to genetic diversity and geographic variation. Regardless of their classification, marsupial mice play a vital role in the ecosystem as predators and prey. They are also important components of indigenous cultures, with some species featuring in creation myths and traditional medicine. Despite their small size, these marsupials have much to offer in terms of biological significance and cultural importance.

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