What is another word for marsupial mole?

Pronunciation: [mɑːsˈuːpɪəl mˈə͡ʊl] (IPA)

The marsupial mole is a unique mammal that belongs to the order Notoryctemorphia. It is endemic to Australia and is known for its distinctive adaptations to the arid environment. Apart from the common name, marsupial mole, this creature is also referred to as the sand mole, blind mole, and desert mole. Botanists often use the term Hypsiprymnodon for this species, while zoologists may classify it as Notoryctes typhlops. Other potential synonyms for marsupial mole are sand burrower, subterranean mole, and fossorial marsupial. Regardless of the name, this unusual animal is an essential part of the Australian ecosystem and warrants further study and conservation efforts.

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