What is another word for matai?

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Matai is a Samoan term that refers to an important figure in a Samoan village who acts as a chief, spokesperson, and leader of their clan. While there are no exact synonyms for "matai," there are several related words that can help to better understand the term. These include chief, leader, advisor, mentor, and headman. Additionally, terms such as elder, wise person, and respected figure can also convey similar meanings. The role of the matai is valued highly in Samoan culture, and understanding the nuances of similar terms can help to better appreciate the significance of this position.

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    How to use "Matai" in context?

    The word "matai" has several meanings throughout Polynesia. "Matai" may be used to refer to a high-ranking male elder, such as in Tonga where the term is used to address male elders in the tribal system. Matai can also refer to a chieftain, especially in the kingdoms of Samoa and Tahiti. In some islands, "matai" is also a title given to a man considered to have authority within his village or group. In the Marquesas Islands, a matai is a war leader.

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