What is another word for matador?

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[ mˈatɐdˌɔː], [ mˈatɐdˌɔː], [ m_ˈa_t_ɐ_d_ˌɔː]

A matador is typically associated with bullfighting, but there are quite a few different words you could use to describe this type of performer. If you prefer a more generic term, you might call them a bullfighter, a torero, or a toreador. Alternatively, you could opt for a more specific descriptor, such as espada (which refers to a matador who specializes in sword-fighting rather than other types of bullfighting) or rejoneador (a matador who fights bulls while on horseback). Depending on the context, you might also use words like picador (a bullfighter who uses a lance), banderillero (a bullfighter who sticks decorative barbed poles into the bull to weaken it), or capote (the large cloth a bullfighter uses to taunt and distract the bull).

How to use "Matador" in context?

The bullfighter is an athlete who works in the art of matador, using speed and skill to subdue the bull. Bullfighting is a centuries-old tradition, and takes many forms all over the world.

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