What is another word for mathematical product?

Pronunciation: [mˌaθɪmˈatɪkə͡l pɹˈɒdʌkt] (IPA)

Mathematical product is a term used to describe the result of multiplying two or more numbers, variables, or expressions. There are many synonyms for the word mathematical product. One synonym is multiplication, which refers to the process of combining two or more numbers or expressions to find their product. Another synonym is factorization, which refers to the process of finding the factors of a number or expression. In some cases, the term product may also be used synonymously with the terms solution or answer. Other synonyms include outcome, result, solution, and value. Depending on the context in which the term is used, there may be other synonyms that are more appropriate.

Synonyms for Mathematical product:

What are the hypernyms for Mathematical product?

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What are the hyponyms for Mathematical product?

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Famous quotes with Mathematical product

  • The rest of Sitka’s homicides are so-called crimes of passion, which is a shorthand way of expressing the mathematical product of alcohol and firearms.
    Michael Chabon

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