What is another word for mathematical proof?

Pronunciation: [mˌaθɪmˈatɪkə͡l pɹˈuːf] (IPA)

Mathematical proof is a process of demonstrating the validity of a mathematical statement or theorem. It involves logical and deductive reasoning to show that the statement is true beyond any doubt. There are several synonyms for the word mathematical proof, including verification, validation, substantiation, demonstration, and corroboration. Each of these words implies a process of confirming the accuracy of a mathematical statement or hypothesis. Moreover, these words highlight the importance of proof in mathematics, as it provides a basis for establishing new mathematical concepts and principles. Thus, the use of synonyms provides a variety of ways to express the rigorous process of demonstrating the accuracy of mathematical theorems.

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Famous quotes with Mathematical proof

  • Poverty is a mathematical proof of the fact that mankind is a big failure!
    Mehmet Murat ildan

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