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Mayacaceae is a family of flowering plants that comprises around 30 species. The plants are typically found in wetlands of the Americas, Africa, and Madagascar. The family is also known by some different names, including Xyridaceae and Abolbodaceae. The common name for Mayacaceae is maya grass, and it is highly valued for its ornamental status and water filtration properties. Another synonym used for Mayacaceae is the fresh water bog plant, as it is mostly found in freshwater marshes and bogs. It is also referred to as the Bog Star, a reference to its star-shaped flowers. These varieties of names showcase the diversity of the Mayacaceae family.

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The mayacaceae are a family of flowering plants, including the well-known. The family also includes such non-flowering plant species as the roots of sugar Bush trees and Beech trees.

The family is thought to have originated in the tropical Americas, but today exists worldwide. There are about 1000 species of Mayacaceae. They are typically small trees and shrubs, but a few species can grow to gigantic proportions. Some of the most famous members of the family are the araucarias and the banyans.

The leaves are typically simple and scale-like, but some species have lance-shaped leaves.

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