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There are several synonyms for the word "measurer" that can be used in different contexts. One of these is "surveyor," which is often used to describe professionals who measure land and map out territories. Another synonym is "quantifier," which refers to devices or individuals who measure and quantify physical characteristics such as weight, volume, and length. "Calibrator" is another synonym that is used in scientific and technical contexts where precise measurements are required. An additional synonym is "evaluator," which is used to describe people who measure and evaluate the performance or effectiveness of a system, product, or service. These synonyms demonstrate the variety of meanings and applications of the word "measurer".

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Usage examples for Measurer

Man therefore means "The measurer," and this very aptly describes our place in the order of evolution, for it indicates the relation between Personal Volition and Immutable Law.
"The Law and the Word"
Thomas Troward
The present tenantry are so ignorant of the means of turning these commons to any proper account, that the fee-simple of most of them would, under the present management, hardly pay a common land-measurer for surveying them, far less could they bear any litigation.
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie
The hour-glass, which was used to get the multiple for long distances, was of course the only portable time measurer available for Columbus.
"Christopher Columbus, Complete"
Filson Young

Famous quotes with Measurer

  • Copernicus and Darwin undermined man’s image of himself as the ‘measure of all things’. Newton provided him with a new hope … that of ‘man as the measurer of all things’. Thus the possibility was revealed to man, who had been disinherited from being at the center of the universe, that he might be able know how to work himself back there. Science, at the same time it destroyed his ontological security, gave him the tools for reapproaching Eden.
    John Carroll

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