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The word "ruler" can be replaced by several synonyms depending upon the context and the intended meaning. One of the most common synonyms of ruler is "leader." A leader is someone who guides and directs others towards a common goal. Another synonym for ruler is "monarch." A monarch is a king or queen who holds supreme power and authority over a kingdom. Other synonyms for ruler include "governor," "dictator," and "emperor." A governor is someone who administers a state or province on behalf of the sovereign. A dictator is a ruler who exercises absolute power and control over a country. An emperor is a monarch who rules an empire.

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How to use "Ruler" in context?

Rulers are people who have a great amount of power and authority over others. This power can come from a variety of sources, including political or military titles, hereditary status, or personal abilities. Rulers use their authority to make decisions that affect the lives of their constituents, often in the name of the public good. It is important for rulers to be prudent and responsible with this power, because misuse of their power can lead to oppression and injustice.

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