What is another word for megaderma?

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Megaderma is a genus of bats that are native to Southern Asia and the Philippines. The word itself is derived from Greek, with 'mega' meaning large and 'derma' meaning skin. Some synonyms for Megaderma include Large-eared brown bat, Indian false vampire bat, Greater Asiatic long-eared bat, and Indian big-eared bat. These bats are known for their large ears and are identified as insectivores, feeding primarily on insects. While they are not harmful to humans, they have been threatened by habitat loss, as well as hunting for traditional medicine. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these fascinating creatures and preserve their habitats.

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    Megaderma is a genus of fungi in the family Mastillariaceae. It was circumscribed in 1802 by the French mycologist Jean-Baptiste François Morand.

    Despite having been circumscribed in 1802, the fungus was initially misidentified as "Dermatophyllum".

    , the genus contains three species: "Megaderma nigramolle", "Megaderma oregonense", and "Megaderma bosporum". Megaderma nigramolle inhabits wood, "M. oregonense" is found in grasslands, and "M.

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