What is another word for menhaden?

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Menhaden, also known as mossbunker, is a type of fish that belongs to the herring family. This fish is an important source of food for many marine creatures, including dolphins and seabirds. There are several synonyms for the word "menhaden," including bunker, pogy, alewife, and mossbanker. Bunker is a term commonly used in the northeastern United States, while pogy is a more Southern term. Alewife is a term used for similar species of fish, while mossbanker is a more colloquial term. Regardless of the name used, menhaden plays a vital role in the ocean ecosystem and has significant economic value in the fishing industry.

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The Atlantic menhaden is a large, oily fish that is important to the economy of many coastal states. In 2006, the Atlantic menhaden fishery achieved its historic peak volume and value, supplying nearly $350 million in total value to the U.S. seafood market. In response to the overfishing of many other species, commercial and recreational fisheries in the northeast Atlantic have been closed since the early 1990s, resulting in drastic reductions in the population of Atlantic menhaden. The Atlantic menhaden is a primary prey item for the striped bass, a sought-after sportfish that is also affected by overfishing.

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