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Holes are an opening or gap in a surface or object that can vary in shape or size. There are a variety of synonyms for the word "hole" that can be used to describe different types of openings. These synonyms include aperture, orifice, gap, cavity, void, tunnel, bore, puncture, slot and crevice. Each of these words can describe different types of holes, such as a narrow tunnel, a large cavity, a small puncture or a shallow crevice. Using different synonyms can help to add variety and specificity to your writing when describing holes and their characteristics.

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How to use "Hole" in context?

A hole is a space or opening in a surface. It can be created naturally or by human activity. A hole can also be an opening in a pipe, landfill, submarine, or spacecraft.

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  • whole, hoel, hoelle, hohl, hoell.

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