What is another word for meningioma?

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[ mˌɛnɪŋɡɪˈə͡ʊmə], [ mˌɛnɪŋɡɪˈə‍ʊmə], [ m_ˌɛ_n_ɪ_ŋ_ɡ_ɪ__ˈəʊ_m_ə]

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    How to use "Meningioma" in context?

    A meningioma is a benign tumor that grows from the meninges, the middle layer of the outer brain and spinal cord. It accounts for about 2% of all tumors, and is most common in the ages of 50 to 70. Meningiomas are usually small, but can grow to large size if not treated. Treatment typically includes surgery to remove the tumor, followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

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