What is another word for military personnel?

Pronunciation: [mˈɪlɪtəɹi pˌɜːsənˈɛl] (IPA)

Military personnel refers to members of the armed forces who are trained and equipped to serve in times of war or peace. The term encompasses a wide range of professionals, including soldiers, sailors, pilots, and support staff. There are several synonyms for military personnel, depending on the context. These include servicemen and women, troops, soldiers, the armed forces, military staff, and defense personnel. These terms represent the same idea of individuals who dedicate their lives to serving their country and protecting their homeland, whether on the front lines or behind the scenes. Regardless of the term used, it is important to honor and respect the sacrifice and commitment of all military personnel.

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What are the opposite words for military personnel?

The term military personnel refers to individuals who are enlisted under a certain military organization, and are trained to execute tasks that enable the defense or offense of a country. The antonyms for the term "military personnel" would be civilians, noncombatants, non-military personnel, and citizens. Civilians are individuals who are not in the military and are not involved in any military affairs. Noncombatants refer to people who are not partaking in any combat or warfare activities. Non-military personnel are individuals who are not connected to any military activities, while citizens are individuals who are part of a country's population but are not in the military.

What are the antonyms for Military personnel?

Famous quotes with Military personnel

  • Any time the United States government turns over an American citizen, including military personnel, to the government of another country, it is in our nature to want to make sure that they receive the best treatment, the fairest treatment, and the most humane treatment.
    Howard H. Baker, Jr.
  • But Canada remains a crucial partner in this global war on terrorism, and we are grateful for that. Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and military personnel continue anti-terrorist operations in the Persian Gulf.
    Paul Cellucci
  • Surely no issue unites us more than our appreciation for our military personnel who are bringing aid to devastated countries, defending us against terrorism, and fighting to make a free election possible in Iraq.
    Christine Gregoire
  • Requiring military hospitals to perform elective abortions exposes the physicians, the nurses, the military personnel to move against their own personal convictions of life in many cases.
    Rick Renzi
  • Democrats and Republicans alike support our military personnel.
    John Spratt

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