What is another word for troops?

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Troops are synonymous with infantry, soldiers, military personnel, forces, army, and combatants. These words all describe groups of individuals who are organized and trained for military purposes. Infantry historically refers specifically to foot soldiers, while soldiers is a more general term that can include those who serve in various branches of the military. Military personnel and forces are broader terms that include all individuals serving in a military capacity, whereas army specifically refers to a large organized group of soldiers. Combatants are those actively engaged in fighting, and can refer to troops on the front lines. All of these words are commonly used in discussions of military strategy and operations.

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    In this day and age, it is common to think that troops are only found in war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq. However, troops are also a common sight in places like the United States. Troops are responsible for protecting the country and its citizens. Without troops, the country would be nothing.

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