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Mitra is a Sanskrit word that has many synonyms in various Indian languages. In Hindi and Urdu, it is called "dost" or "sathi," which means friend or companion. In Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, the word is "sahaayi" or "sahodarudu," which means helper or brother. In Bengali and Assamese, it is called "bandhu" or "bhai," which means brother or friend. In Marathi, it is referred to as "mitramandal" or "shubhaarambh," which means friend circle or auspicious beginning. These synonyms reflect the importance of friendships and companionship in Indian culture and celebrate the bond between people.

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Usage examples for Mitra

A famous Hindu hermit, Vishva mitra, prepared a temporary paradise for the prince, and for his use created the sugar cane as a heavenly food during his occupation of the place.
"Cuba, Old and New"
Albert Gardner Robinson
mitra tegit crines; quassis quibus, acriter infit: "Scilicet optassem pro te dare corpora leto Sat multa, o juvenis: quot serpunt ventribus acti, Vi quot iter faciunt spretis in ovilia muris.
"Verses and Translations"
C. S. C.
From the latter are descended the Ghosh, Basu, mitra, Guha, and Datta families.
"Tales of Bengal"
S. B. Banerjea

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