What is another word for headdress?

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There are several synonyms for the word "headdress" that can be used to describe various types of headwear. A few examples include "crown," which typically refers to a decorative headpiece worn by royalty or nobility; "tiara," which is a small crown worn by women; and "helm," which is a protective head covering worn in battle or for athletic pursuits. Other synonyms for headdress include "hat," "cap," "bonnet," and "turban," which all refer to specific types of headwear worn for different purposes or occasions. No matter what type of headdress or synonym you choose to use, it is clear that headwear has been an important part of human culture for centuries.

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How to use "Headdress" in context?

Headdress is an article of clothing worn on the head. It is usually a cover for the hair, but may also be used to identify a group or an individual. In the past, headdresses have often been symbols of status and power.

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