What is another word for Mohammad?

Pronunciation: [mə͡ʊhˈamɪd] (IPA)

Mohammed is one of the best-known names in the world. It is the name of the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammed. However, there are many synonyms of the name Mohammed that are commonly used as well. Some of these synonyms include Mohammad Ali, Mo, Moe, Mohd, and Muhammed. These synonyms are often used by people of different cultures and languages to refer to someone named Mohammed, and they are all equally valid. No matter which synonym you use, it is important to remember that they all refer to the same person and carry the same level of respect and significance.

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Usage examples for Mohammad

Matthaios, the Jabberi, and the soldiers surrounding the prisoner Mohammad, attached by a long rope to my husband's horse, an arrangement not invented by my husband, but which we enjoyed very much, and no wonder, after all we had suffered!
"Southern Arabia"
Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
Mohammad, who had shot at us, and Ali, the one who had extorted the money from us, were both imprisoned, and this money was made to pay for our last two days' journey.
"Southern Arabia"
Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
Mohammad calling to Venus, Venus calling to Mohammad-what a romance!
"The Book of Khalid"
Ameen Rihani

Famous quotes with Mohammad

  • My position is not that John Kerry is either Jesus Christ or the prophet Mohammad. My position is that John Kerry is the possibility of restarting politics.
    Todd Gitlin
  • Far from being the father of jihad, Mohammad was a peacemaker, who risked his life and nearly lost the loyalty of his closest companions because he was determined to effect a reconciliation with Mecca.
    Karen Armstrong
  • Many people think that female circumcision only started with the advent of Islam.Mohammad the Prophet tried to oppose this custom since he considered it harmful to the sexual health of the woman.
    Nawal El Saadawi
  • Since the Persian monarchy began some 2550 years ago, Iran has had more than 350 kings. No fewer than half of them were either assassinated or killed in battle. Many went into exile to escape death. Iran's long history is full of fallen crowns and shattered imperial dreams. Of Mohammad-Reza Shah's five immediate predecessors, one was assassinated and three were forced into exile. What makes Mohammad-Reza Shah's tragedy special is that he was, perhaps, the first Iranian king in more than a century to have a real possibility of ending his reign peacefully and dying in his own country. That this was not the case was, to a large extent, the result of Iran's chronic political underdevelopment. But the Shah's own failure to operate within the realities of Iranian society - unpleasant as they undoubtedly were - contributed to his downfall and its dramatic consequences for the nation as a whole. The fall of the Shah was, in a since, the prelude to more than a decade of instability in the region, culminating in the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent massacre of Kurds and shi'ites in Mesopotamia. It may take Iran and her region many more years before the shockwaves unleashed by the fall of the Shah are fully absorbed.
    Amir Taheri
  • Reza Shah was not an atheist and could best be described as an agnostic. He was, for a while, fascinated by the teachings of Zoroaster, Iran's pre-Islamic prophet, but his fascination should be understood in the context of his old soldier's dream of restoring Iran to its ancient grandeur. Mohammad-Reza, on the other hand, was deeply religious, even to the point of rejecting all free will.
    Amir Taheri

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