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Oracle is a term that is often associated with predictions, prophecies or advice. When referring to synonyms, some alternatives include "seer", "prophet", "clairvoyant", or "diviner". Other possible words that share a similar meaning can be "fortune teller", "mystic", "soothsayer", or "augur". Depending on the context, "wise person", "expert", or "guru" might also be used as synonyms for a person seen as a source of guidance or direction. Moreover, in some cases, "oracle" could be replaced with more specific terms, such as "medium" or "psychic", when referring to someone who is believed to be able to communicate with spiritual entities or the dead.

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Oracle is a relational database management system product from Oracle Corporation. It is a member of the My SQL Database family of products. Oracle is licensed as vanilla OS inurl Database. Oracle supports client/server and Grid Systems deployments. Oracle also offers Workspace Integration and Tools, a platform that enables administrators to monitor, manage, and monitor Oracle deployments.

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