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Moksa is a Sanskrit term used in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, meaning liberation, salvation, or release from the cycle of birth and death. Synonyms for the word "moksa" differ depending on the context and language used. In Hinduism, synonyms for moksa include "mukti," "nirvana," "kaivalya," and "swarga," while in Buddhism, "nirvana" and "enlightenment" are commonly used synonyms. In Jainism, "moksa" is known as "kaivalya" or "nirvana." Other synonyms for "moksa" include "emancipation," "salvation," "liberty," "release," and "self-realization." The concept of moksa is central to Eastern philosophy and is often used to describe the ultimate goal of spiritual practice.

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Koreans still tell how "moksa" Moffett put on the dress of a Korean mourner and went freely around despite the Chinese, who would have almost certainly devised a specially lingering death for him, had they discovered his presence.
"Korea's Fight for Freedom"
F.A. McKenzie

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