What is another word for redemption?

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Redemption, the act of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil, is a concept that has numerous synonyms. One synonym is salvation, which refers to the act of being rescued from danger, destruction, or penalty. Another synonym is vindication, which refers to the act of clearing someone from blame or suspicion. Another set of synonyms for redemption are reclamation, renewal, and regeneration, which all refer to the act of restoring something to its original or improved state. A final synonym for redemption is reprieve, which refers to the temporary suspension of punishment or harm. Ultimately, redemption is a complex concept with many synonyms that all convey the idea of being saved or rescued.

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    How to use "Redemption" in context?

    Redemption is a term that is often used to describe the process by which an individual or group is freed from a debt or wrongdoing. In its broadest sense, redemption can refer to the act of returning something to its rightful owner, whether that be an object, a person, or money. In religious context, redemption often refers to the salvation of a person or group from damnation, or another form of spiritual peril or bondage.

    Redemption can also refer to the state of being freed from a physical condition or illness, or from a negative emotional state such as guilt or shame.

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