What is another word for montanan?

Pronunciation: [mˈɒntanən] (IPA)

Montanan is a term that is used to refer to a person who belongs to the state of Montana. There are a number of synonyms for this term that can be used interchangeably in different contexts. Some of the commonly used synonyms for Montanan include Montana native, resident of Montana, Montanian, Montananite, and Montanese. These synonyms reflect the unique culture and identity of the people of Montana, who are known for their love of outdoor activities, ranching and farming, and environmental conservation. Whether you are writing a travel guide, a news article, or a work of literature set in Montana, these synonyms can add depth and richness to your writing.

Synonyms for Montanan:

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What are the hypernyms for Montanan?

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What are the hyponyms for Montanan?

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Usage examples for Montanan

As the montanan's rope slithered suddenly straight ahead from an aim calculated to pick up the steer's hind hoof for a fall, the Gothamite spurred his mount and cut directly across it.
"Lonesome Town"
Ethel and James Dorrance

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