What is another word for motorways?

Pronunciation: [mˈə͡ʊtəwˌe͡ɪz] (IPA)

Motorways are large roads that are used for high-speed driving and are usually meant for longer distances. There are various synonyms for the word motorways, such as freeways, expressways, highways, autobahns, and superhighways. These words are used depending on the region and country, as different places have different terms for a multi-lane road. In some countries, the word motorway is only used for a highway that has tolls, while in other countries, it is used for any large road that has limited access. Nevertheless, these synonyms all refer to a large road that is designed to accommodate high-speed traffic and allow for more efficient travel.

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Famous quotes with Motorways

  • ...the jeaned and rucksacked young I see on Continental trains or thumbing rides on motorways are not in search of the exotic. They are seeking confirmation that their own kind exists everywhere and denies the racial and cultural variety that used to be one of the joys of the world. If they want the exotic at all it is in the form of what they know well in their own lands through regular, though usually illegal, importation....
    Anthony Burgess
  • In Reading [England] there is this thing called the IDR, short for "Inner Distribution Road", which is bureaucratese for "Big thing that cost a lot of money and relieves traffic problems, provided all your traffic wants to orbit the town centre permanently". It's a 2-3 lane dual carriageway that goes round the town centre. It has lots of roundabouts, an overhead section, a couple of spare motorway-like exits (that's British motorways -- y'know, the roundabout with the main road going under it), and a thing called the Watlington Street Gyratory, where you have to get in lane for your intended destination about three years and two corners before you get there with no signposting. I used to cycle along it every day to get to school, before I fell off at 35 mph. [Kids! Don't try this at home!] I know it well. I believe it is impossible to leave Reading heading west.
    Terry Pratchett

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