What is another word for freeways?

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Freeways are a common feature of modern transportation systems, providing high-speed access for motorists across vast stretches of land. However, there are many synonyms for the term that convey similar concepts. Expressways, highways, interstates, motorways, and autobahns are all examples of roadways designed for high volumes of traffic to move quickly and safely. While some of these terms may be more commonly used in specific regions or countries, they all refer to the same concept of a controlled-access roadway with limited intersections and higher speeds than local roads. No matter the term used, these large roads are integral to modern transportation systems and keeping people connected.

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Freeways are one of the most important transportation arteries in the United States. The Los Angeles Freeway, completed in 1961, was the first freeway in the United States. A freeway provides drivers with a fast and easy route to travel between major cities and can reduce travel time by up to 50%.

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