What is another word for multiculturalism?

Pronunciation: [mˌʌltɪkˈʌlt͡ʃəɹəlˌɪzəm] (IPA)

Multiculturalism, the coexistence and celebration of multiple cultural traditions within a society, can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Synonyms for this concept include "cultural diversity," "pluriculturalism," "multiracialism," "ethnological pluralism," "ethnic heterogeneity," and "global citizenship." Each of these terms encompasses the idea that a society is made up of individuals and communities with different backgrounds, beliefs, and customs, and that these differences are valuable and add richness to the fabric of society. Multiculturalism is an ongoing process that requires intentional efforts to understand and respect these differences, and these synonymous terms reflect the various nuances and approaches to achieving this goal.

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    • Noun, singular or mass
      diversity, interculturality.
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Multiculturalism is a term that refers to the coexistence of diverse cultural groups in a society. The antonyms for multiculturalism can be briefly stated as follows: monoculturalism or cultural homogeneity, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and segregation. Monoculturalism is the idea that a single culture should dominate society and that diversity is not desirable. Ethnocentrism is the belief that one's own culture is superior to others, leading to cultural myopia or a lack of interest in understanding other cultures. Xenophobia, on the other hand, refers to an intense dislike or fear of people from other cultures. Segregation refers to the deliberate separation of different cultural groups, leading to social and cultural isolation.

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Famous quotes with Multiculturalism

  • Britons seem to have given up on assimilating their Muslim population, with many British elites patting themselves on the back for their tolerance and multiculturalism.
    Linda Chavez
  • The lax multiculturalism that urges Americans to accept the unacceptable from their fellow citizens is one of this nation's greatest vulnerabilities in the war on terror.
    Richard Perle
  • What 'multiculturalism' boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture - and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.
    Thomas Sowell
  • When traditional Australians argue that Asian migrants should be welcome but that the ethnic mix of the nation should not be altered too quickly, they are labelled racists. But when ethnic minorities lobby politicians to enlist as many new migrants as possible from their own race, this is applauded as multiculturalism.
    Geoffrey Blainey
  • The multicultural lobby has little respect for the history of Australia between 1788 and 1950. In the eyes of multicultural supporters, Australia was a desert between 1788 and 1950 because it was populated largely by people from the British Isles and because it seemed to have a cultural unity, a homogeneity which is the very antithesis of multiculturalism.
    Geoffrey Blainey

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