What is another word for containment?

Pronunciation: [kəntˈe͡ɪnmənt] (IPA)

Containment is an essential aspect of keeping things in place and preventing unwanted spread. Synonyms for containment include restraint, control, inhibition, hindrance, suppression, and confinement. Restraining is the act of keeping something within limits or preventing it from expanding beyond certain boundaries. Control refers to the regulation or management of something to prevent it from deviating from the norm. Inhibition involves suppressing or holding back something unwanted or undesirable. Hindrance, on the other hand, suggests an obstruction that impedes progress or movement. Suppression is the act of subduing or extinguishing something harmful or dangerous. Confinement denotes the act of restricting or isolating something or someone within a definite space or limit.

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Containment implies the act of holding or restraining something within a particular space or limit. The antonyms for the word containment would, therefore, suggest expansion or release. Some antonyms that could be used in its stead include 'unleashing,' 'liberation,' 'release,' 'emancipation,' and 'spreading.' These words have an opposite meaning to containment, which implies the act of restriction or constraining within a particular boundary or limit. Utilizing these antonyms can be helpful in creating the right context in situations where the word 'containment' may not be appropriate, such as when seeking to loosen the reins, foster growth or increase the range of activity in a particular domain or system.

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Usage examples for Containment

This year we must act on hospital cost containment.
"State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter
The malaise was brought on by the wistful craving to go beyond the confines of his containment and yet reality, petty and limited, told him to use what was there under his feet, in his sight, and what he could touch.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
As soon as possible after that, Boone made his escape, and it was characteristic of his close-mouthed self-containment that at Saul Fulton's cabin he said nothing as to where he had spent his Christmas eve.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck

Famous quotes with Containment

  • It was one thing to contain the Soviet Union in Europe because Britain, France, and Germany were all willing to join in. But will Japan and other Asian countries be willing to join in the containment of China?
    Samuel P. Huntington
  • None of us are nuclear experts, but we know that if there is a melt-down and breach of containment, that's clearly the most odious thing that could happen.
    William Scranton
  • The coming together of two laudable movements -- death with dignity and cost containment -- concerns me Patients have a right to die. But do they have a duty to die
    Mark Siegler
  • Much of the controversy and anxiety that has enveloped Darwin's idea … can be understood as a series of failed campaigns to contain Darwin;s idea within some acceptably "safe" and merely partial revolution. Cede some or all of modern biology to Darwin, perhaps, but hold the line there! Keep Darwinian thinking out of cosmology, out of psychology, out of human culture, out of ethics, politics, and religion! In these campaigns, many battles have been won by the forces of containment: flawed applications of Darwin's idea have been exposed and discredited, beaten back by the champions of the pre-Darwinian tradition. But new waves of Darwinian thinking keep coming.
    Daniel Dennett
  • Her extreme reserve seemed impenetrable, yet she was intensely lovable; she invited confidence in her moral power. Few people have the gift of looking and smiling as she could look and smile. One of her rare expressive looks was something to remember through life, there was such a depth of soul and feeling, and yet a shyness of revealing herself—a strength of self-containment seen in no other. She was in the strictest sense a law unto herself, and a heroine in keeping to her law. She and gentle Anne were to be seen twined together as united statues of power and humility. They were to be seen with their arms lacing each other in their younger days whenever their occupations permitted their Union. On the top of a moor or in a deep glen Emily was a child in spirit for glee and enjoyment; or when thrown entirely on her own resources to do a kindness, she could be vivacious in conversation and enjoy giving pleasure. A spell of mischief also lurked in her on occasions when out on the moors. She enjoyed leading Charlotte where she would not dare to go of her own free-will. Charlotte had a mortal dread of unknown animals, and it was Emily’s pleasure to lead her into close vicinity, and then to tell her of how and of what she had done, laughing at her horror with great amusement
    Emily Brontë

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