What is another word for musette?

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Musette, a small French bagpipe, has been a familiar concept in music culture for many years. Interestingly, the term musette is slightly difficult to define, which results in various synonyms and alternative descriptive phrases. Some similar words to musette include dance tune, pastoral pipe, shepherd's pipe or bagpipe. Technically speaking, musette may also mean a type of embroidery, a small bag, or even a small barrel. It is worth noting that the word musette also has some variations including musette accordion, musette bagpipes, and musette de cour. Nevertheless, despite the many synonyms and variations of the word, the essence of musette remains unchanged - a unique and charming musical instrument.

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    Usage examples for Musette

    The musette bag caught fire and he snatched it from his shoulder and tossed it after the bombs.
    "Cat and Mouse"
    Ralph Williams
    He soaked these in oil and stowed them in a musette bag which he snapped to the D-rings of the pack.
    "Cat and Mouse"
    Ralph Williams
    He swung the pack down on the uphill side of the den, wet the musette bag with a quick spray of gas, tossed it over his shoulder, jammed the free end of the hose into the den mouth and stabbed the can with his knife to vent it.
    "Cat and Mouse"
    Ralph Williams

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