What is another word for woodwind?

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[ wˈʊdwɪnd], [ wˈʊdwɪnd], [ w_ˈʊ_d_w_ɪ_n_d]

The term woodwind is generally used to describe a family of musical instruments that are typically made of wood and played by blowing air into them. However, there are several different synonyms that can be used to describe instruments that fall under this category. For example, the term "aerophone" can be used to describe instruments that produce sound by vibrating air molecules. Another synonym that is used for woodwind instruments is "reed instrument" since many woodwind instruments contain a reed that vibrates when air is blown into it. Lastly, the term "flute" is commonly used to describe specific types of woodwinds, such as the piccolo or fife.

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Usage examples for Woodwind

Rietz is said to be very careful with the orchestral rehearsals, taking the woodwind, the brass, and the strings separately.
"Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1"
Francis Hueffer (translator)
woodwind like Goodwin's name.
James Joyce

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