What is another word for museums?

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A museum is a renowned institution for preserving art, history, culture, and scientific objects. However, the term 'museum' is no longer the only suitable descriptor for these institutions. Other synonyms for museums include gallery, exhibition center, heritage center, cultural center, science center, archive, and library. These alternative terms reflect the broadening definition of museums as institutions that not only showcase historical and artistic artifacts but also provide interactive learning experiences. They also include digital museums, which allow visitors to explore and interact with exhibits from anywhere in the world. Overall, these synonyms indicate that museums are dynamic places that continue to evolve and adapt to new societal needs and advancements.

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      historical site, cultural center, exhibition space, educational center, exhibition facility, tourism destination.

    Usage examples for Museums

    Public libraries, museums, picture galleries and like institutions all multiply utility, and the cost of such institutions is little or nothing compared with their usefulness.
    "Political economy"
    W. Stanley Jevons
    The spirit creatures cannot be stuffed and put into museums, like rare animals and birds, whose existence we might doubt of if we had not seen them there; yet they may exist just as such animals and birds do, though we cannot see them.
    "The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries"
    W. Y. Evans Wentz
    They haven't been used for hundreds of years; the only place you see them is in museums.
    "The Hohokam Dig"
    Theodore Pratt

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