What is another word for endowment?

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The word "endowment" refers to a gift or bequest of property, money or assets given for a specific purpose. There are several synonyms for the word endowment, some of which include grant, donation, contribution, subsidy, allowance, funding, and financing. All of these alternative words indicate some form of financial or material support given to organizations or individuals to promote their goals or missions. Endowments are often associated with education, with universities and schools receiving significant donations from wealthy individuals or foundations to fund scholarships, research, or other academic pursuits. Whatever the context, endowments are intended to provide long-term benefits and support to institutions, causes, or individuals in need.

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    Endowment is one of the oldest and most commonly used foundations in the world. The definition of endowment is actually pretty straightforward - it is a sum of money set aside for a specific purpose. Endowments can be donated to a variety of charities or foundations, which can then use that money to help bring about social change.

    There are a number of benefits to setting up an endowment. One is that the endowment can provide a steady income that can be used to support the foundation's work.

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