What is another word for native sulfur?

Pronunciation: [nˈe͡ɪtɪv sˈʌlfɜː] (IPA)

Native sulfur is a yellow, brittle mineral that is found in various regions across the world. It has numerous synonyms, including sulfur amorphum, flores sulphuris, and Brimstone. Sulphur amorphum is commonly used to describe its non-crystalline form, while flores sulphuris translates to 'sulfur flowers' and refers to its yellow crystalline appearance. Brimstone is another synonym for native sulfur that is derived from its characteristic smell when burned, as 'brimstone' was an old-fashioned term for sulfur. Other synonyms include sulfur vivum, which means 'living sulfur,' and sulfur prismaticum, which refers to its crystal shape. These synonyms are commonly used in geology, chemistry, and mineralogy to describe this versatile mineral.

Synonyms for Native sulfur:

  • n.

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    • native sulphur
    • .
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