What is another word for chemical element?

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Chemical elements are the building blocks of matter. Each element is defined by its unique number of protons in the nucleus of its atom. They can be organized on the periodic table according to their atomic number, properties, and electron configurations. There are numerous synonyms for the term chemical element, including element, basic substance, building block, atom, matter, and constituent. Elements can be classified into various categories, such as metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. They form the basis of all chemical compounds and interactions, and are essential for life itself. Understanding the properties and behavior of chemical elements is paramount to understanding the physical world around us.

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    Every day, you come in contact with a dozen or more chemical elements. Many of them are so common that you don't even notice them - such as nitrogen and oxygen. But some chemical elements are so rare that you only find them in one place on Earth.

    The first chemical element was created by the universe itself. It was a tiny, simple atom called helium. Helium is the second most common element in the universe, after hydrogen.

    The next chemical element to be created was lithium. Lithium is found in small amounts on Earth, but it is most often found in the upper atmosphere.

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