What is another word for sulfur?

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Sulfur is a chemical element that has various synonyms, including brimstone, sulphur, aizen (Japanese), yurugu (Pashto), sāfuā (Arabic), enxofre (Portuguese), soufre (French), zolfo (Italian) and soufre (German). It is an essential element used in the production of various products, including fertilizers, rubber, and paper. Sulfur is widely used in medical applications for the treatment of various skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. It is also a vital element used in the preservation of food, especially dried fruits. In addition, sulfur has extensive use in industrial applications, including the manufacturing of batteries, pesticides, and dyes. Overall, sulfur plays a crucial role in many aspects of our daily life, making its synonyms as relevant as the element itself.

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    Usage examples for Sulfur

    This is shaken with sodium hydroxide solution until no more odor of sulfur dioxide is noticeable, then washed twice with water and distilled.
    Conant, James Bryant
    During the addition of the sulfur dioxide, the solution is cooled with running water.
    Conant, James Bryant
    A cylinder of liquid sulfur dioxide should, of course, be available.
    Conant, James Bryant

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