What is another word for northern holly fern?

Pronunciation: [nˈɔːðən hˈɒli fˈɜːn] (IPA)

The Northern Holly Fern, or Polystichum Lonchitis, is a fern species with unique and attractive fronds. It belongs to the Dryopteridaceae family and is native to Europe and North America. There are several synonyms for the Northern Holly Fern, including the Hard Shield Fern, Christmas Fern, and Wallich's Wood Fern. These synonyms are often used interchangeably to describe the same fern species. The Northern Holly Fern is an evergreen plant with a distinctive shape and texture. It is commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant for its beauty and its ability to thrive in shady areas. The fern's hardy nature and stunning fronds make it a popular choice for gardens and landscapes.

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