What is another word for Oaxaca De Juarez?

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[ ə͡ʊksˈakə də d͡ʒjˈuːəɹˌɛz], [ ə‍ʊksˈakə də d‍ʒjˈuːəɹˌɛz], [ əʊ_k_s_ˈa_k_ə d_ə dʒ_j_ˈuː_ə_ɹ_ˌɛ_z]

Oaxaca de Juarez is a place in southern Mexico that is known for its rich culture, cuisine, and history. This charming city is home to a myriad of synonyms that reflect its diverse environment and colorful traditions. One of the most popular synonyms for Oaxaca de Juarez is simply "Oaxaca," a name that is not only easy to remember but is also essential when traveling to this region. Other synonyms for this city include "The Land of Seven Moles," "The Land of Mezcal," "The Land of Art," and "The Land of Festivals." These synonyms reflect the city's unique personality and serve as a tribute to its awe-inspiring beauty and singular charm.

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    Oaxaca De Juarez is located in the south-central region of Mexico and borders the states of Michoacán and Guerrero. It is bordered by the municipalities of Atoyac de Oaxaca, Magdalena Contreras, Oaxaca de Bellos Horizontes, Huejutla de La Ocampo, Tepoztlan de la Conquista, and Juarez. The municipality has an area of 191.50 km². El Mesio, Gongoyapan, Huitzilchol, Piranta, and Yuhualichan are the major villages in the municipality.

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