What is another word for oil business?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔ͡ɪl bˈɪznəs] (IPA)

The oil business encompasses a broad range of activities associated with the discovery, extraction, production, refining, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products. Synonyms for the oil business include the petroleum industry, the oil and gas sector, the fossil fuel industry, the energy industry, and the hydrocarbon industry. Other associated terms might also include upstream oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, midstream transportation and storage, downstream marketing and distribution, and energy services. Oil and gas companies range from global supermajors to independent producers, and the industry plays a significant role in the world economy and geopolitical landscape. Despite increasing focus on renewable energy sources, the oil business remains an essential component of modern life.

Synonyms for Oil business:

What are the hypernyms for Oil business?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    oil, oil industry, petroleum industry, energy industry, gas industry.

What are the hyponyms for Oil business?

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  • hyponyms for oil business (as nouns)

What are the meronyms for Oil business?

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Famous quotes with Oil business

  • Mattei was convinced that Italy, a poor and defeated country, nonetheless possessed notable energy deposits of petroleum in its subsoil, and he was also aware that the oil business, even if there were not really resources inside the country, was an important business which one could not stay out of and in which one could not be at the mercy of the big guys. So Mattei's program was to try to use all available means to exploit the country's energy resources, and if this were not possible, to seek international accords with coun¬tries which had these energy resources, so that they could be used by Italy in order to become a partner of the major pow¬ers, and not be at their mercy (p. 23).
    Nico Perrone

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