What is another word for oil cartel?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔ͡ɪl kɑːtˈɛl] (IPA)

An oil cartel is a group of countries or oil producing companies who come together to regulate oil prices. However, there are also several synonyms for this term. One of these synonyms is oil alliance, which refers to a group of nations who form an agreement to control oil production and prices. Another synonym is oil producers group, which is a group of countries that have a significant oil production capacity. Oil consortium is another synonym for oil cartel, which is a group of companies that work together to control oil production and prices. Lastly, oil federation is a term used to describe an organization of oil-producing countries that come together to regulate oil prices and production.

Synonyms for Oil cartel:

What are the hypernyms for Oil cartel?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • hypernyms for oil cartel (as nouns)

    • group
      organization of petroleum-exporting countries, opec.

What are the hyponyms for Oil cartel?

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Famous quotes with Oil cartel

  • People really feel that, when they go to the gas pump now, that the oil cartel is holding them by the legs and tipping them upside down and shaking money out of their pockets.
    Ed Markey
  • Mattei pushed hard for a line of detachment, of critical participation in NATO and even of getting out of NATO and into a neutralist position. Mattei therefore not only annoyed the United States with his oil deals in the Middle East, which broke up the balance of the international oil cartel, and broke up the price equilibrium, but it was Mattei who pushed even harder for Italy's entire policy to take its distance from the United States and to open up toward the Third World countries, which were traveling in a certain way along a road similar to the painful and laborious road which Italy had had to travel. Mattei was very sensitive to these problems, because he had been a witness to this difficult road of Italy's and had had great difficulties at the beginning of his career. So he knew what it meant for a country to free itself from the colonial yoke and find its own way, its own balance, and a way of arranging its own economy which would not be an economy of pure exploitation by the great powers (p. 23).
    Nico Perrone

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