What is another word for omnidirectional?

Pronunciation: [ɒmnˌɪda͡ɪɹˈɛkʃənə͡l] (IPA)

The term "omnidirectional" refers to something that can detect, transmit or receive signals from all directions. Synonyms for this term include all-directional, 360-degree, and non-directional. Similarly, other words such as isotropic, omni-orientated, and all-around can also be used to describe the same concept. These words can be used to describe antennas, cameras, speakers, and microphones that can capture or emit signals uniformly in all directions. Omnidirectional synonyms are helpful in enabling communication, especially in open spaces where signals need to reach all nicks and corners. Therefore, having a range of synonyms for the term "omnidirectional" can help writers and speakers present their ideas more effectively.

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What are the opposite words for omnidirectional?

Antonyms for the word "omnidirectional" include "unidirectional," which refers to something that only moves in one direction, opposed to all directions. Another antonym is "directional," meaning something that only moves in a specific direction, rather than every direction. Non-spherical is also a suitable antonym for "omnidirectional," which denotes an object that does not possess a shape that is uniformly round or symmetrical. Finally, the antonym "nondirectional" means something that lacks any specified direction or is indiscriminate in its movement. These words are commonly used to describe objects, sounds or waves that exhibit motion restricted to certain directions or without any definite spatial pattern.

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An omnidirectional up there...
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow

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