What is another word for comprehensive?

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[ kˌɒmpɹɪhˈɛnsɪv], [ kˌɒmpɹɪhˈɛnsɪv], [ k_ˌɒ_m_p_ɹ_ɪ_h_ˈɛ_n_s_ɪ_v]

When trying to convey the idea of something being complete and thorough, it's often useful to turn to synonyms for the word "comprehensive." Some synonyms that come to mind include "all-inclusive," "exhaustive," "full," and "inclusive." Another synonym for "comprehensive" is "holistic," which suggests a focus on the entire system or entirety of something. "Thorough" likewise conveys the idea of completeness, while "complete" implies that nothing has been left out. Other possible synonyms for "comprehensive" include "all-around," "panoramic," and "broad-ranging." Choosing the right synonym depends on the specific situation and context, but all these words can be useful for expressing the idea of thoroughness and completeness.

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    How to use "Comprehensive" in context?

    The word "comprehensive" has a few different meanings. One way to use it is to say that something covers a lot of ground. This could be in the sense of being complete or including everything. A comprehensive encyclopedia is one that contains a lot of information on a wide range of topics. It can be a great reference tool for people who have a lot of questions about different topics.

    Another meaning of the word "comprehensive" is to describe a project that is finished or complete. This could be in the sense of covering everything that was planned or thought of in the project.

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