What is another word for other world?

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[ ˈʌðə wˈɜːld], [ ˈʌðə wˈɜːld], [ ˈʌ_ð_ə w_ˈɜː_l_d]

The phrase "other world" can have many synonyms, depending on the context and usage. It can refer to the supernatural, the afterlife, a parallel universe, or simply a different reality or perspective. Synonyms could include alternate dimension, parallel realm, spirit world, heaven or hell, dreamland, ethereal plane, or astral realm. In fiction and fantasy, the term "other world" might be replaced with terms like Narnia, Middle Earth, the Matrix, or Wonderland. Ultimately, the phrase "other world" is a flexible concept that can take on many different meanings and nuances.

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    How to use "Other world" in context?

    It was early in the morning when I woke up. I lazily regarded the ceiling for a few moments before getting up. I then proceeded to the living room and laid down on the couches.

    I then closed my eyes and let my mind wander. I thought of the people I knew. My friends, family, and everyone else in my life. I then thought of all the places I had been. I had been to so many different places and see so many different things. I had even been to the other world.

    I heard a knock on the door.

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