What is another word for kingdom?

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Kingdom is a term used to denote a territory or a group of people who are governed by a monarch or a royal family. However, there are several synonyms for this popular term, each with specific connotations. Empire refers to a larger and more extensive kingdom with multiple territories. Principality is an independent state with a ruler, often subordinate to a larger kingdom. A realm is a more poetic synonym for kingdom, which refers to a specific territory or domain. Lastly, domain, dominion, and territory can all refer to a kingdom or other type of area under the control of a ruler or authority.

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    The kingdom is the highest ranking social institution that governs a society, traditionally with a monarchy. It is a system of government in which some form of monarchy-whether absolute, constitutional, semi-constitutional, or presidential-is the primary or central political institution, with a hierarchy of nobility and other officials.

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