What is another word for endlessness?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛndləsnəs] (IPA)

The word "endlessness" refers to something that has no ending or limit. There are several synonyms for this word, including infinity, eternity, perpetual, unceasing, and boundless. Infinity refers to something that is limitless and endless, without any beginning or end. Eternity refers to an infinite duration of time. Perpetual means that something continues indefinitely and without interruption. Unceasing refers to something that does not stop or come to an end. Boundless means that something has no boundaries or limits and is infinite. All these synonyms provide a sense of unending, limitless, and eternal existence, representing the idea of infinity and beyond.

Synonyms for Endlessness:

What are the hypernyms for Endlessness?

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What are the hyponyms for Endlessness?

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Usage examples for Endlessness

Sense of time was gone-even the endlessness of it.
"Son of Power"
Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
Even I, seeing the endless sweep of that sea of golden grass, forgot for the moment the dry crackling sound of it under wheel and foot, and the awful monotony of its endlessness which could be so nerve-racking.
"Land of the Burnt Thigh"
Edith Eudora Kohl
It was significant also of the endlessness of London that as far as the tram-car took us we seemed as far as ever from the bounds of the city; whatever point we reached there was still as much or more London beyond.
"London Films"
W.D. Howells

Famous quotes with Endlessness

  • The end of the world—was the sky going to open up, would the angels pour down the vials of wrath on a shaking land, and would God appear to judge the sons of men? He listened for the noise of great galloping hoofs, but there was only the wind in the trees. That was the worst of it. The sky didn’t care. The Earth went on turning through an endlessness of dark and silence, and what happened in the thin scum seething over its crust didn’t matter.
    Poul Anderson
  • A t that moment, a Colonel of Sanitation came striding by, in his green uniform. “You there!” he cried. “Ho, dragon, stop and patter for a bit. Quickly, quickly—haven’t got all day! There are Mr. Goodbar wrappers in the streets still, after all my efforts, and the efforts of my men, day in day out—people, people, if we could just do something about the people, then perhaps an end to the endlessness. One could go home of a Friday night, and wipe the brow, and doff the uniform, and thank God for a day well squandered. But you—you have a strange aspect. What kind of a thing are you? Are you disposable? Biodegradable? Ordinary citizen out for a stroll? Looking for work? Member of a conspiracy? Vegetable? Mineral? Two-valued? Hostile to the national interest of the Department of Sanitation? Thrill-crazed kid? Objet d’art? Circus in town?”
    Donald Barthelme
  • Also our Lord God shewed that it is full great pleasance to Him that a helpless soul come to Him simply and plainly and homely. For this is the natural yearnings of the soul, by the touching of the Holy Ghost (as by the understanding that I have in this Shewing): And these words are full lovely to the soul, and full near touch they the will of God and His Goodness. For His Goodness comprehendeth all His creatures and all His blessed works, and overpasseth without end. For He is the endlessness, and He hath made us only to Himself, and restored us by His blessed Passion, and keepeth us in His blessed love; and all this of His Goodness.
    Julian of Norwich
  • Also in this same Shewing where I saw that I should sin, there was I learned to be in dread for unsureness of myself. For I wot not how I shall fall, nor I know not the measure nor the greatness of sin; for that would I have wist, with dread, and thereto I had none answer. Also our courteous Lord in the same time He shewed full surely and mightily the endlessness and the unchangeability of His love; and, afterward, that by His great goodness and His grace inwardly keeping, the love of Him and our soul shall never be disparted in two, without end. And thus in this dread I have matter of meekness that saveth me from presumption, and in the blessed Shewing of Love I have matter of true comfort and of joy that saveth me from despair.
    Julian of Norwich

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