What is another word for ovarian?

Pronunciation: [ə͡ʊvˈe͡əɹi͡ən] (IPA)

Ovarian is a medical term related to the female reproductive system. It refers to the ovaries, the pair of female reproductive glands responsible for producing eggs and hormones. There are several synonyms for the term ovarian, including ovarian-related, ovulatory, and ovarian-produced. These terms signify the role or function of the ovaries in a woman's reproductive and hormonal health. Other related synonyms include female reproductive, gonadal, and oophoric. Knowing these synonyms can help healthcare professionals and patients better understand medical terminologies related to the female reproductive system and effectively communicate with each other.

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Usage examples for Ovarian

It renders important service in ovarian tumours and other diseases of females.
"The South of France--East Half"
Charles Bertram Black
With the waning of the ovarian function, the thyroid type will also exhibit its particular flare.
"The Glands Regulating Personality"
Louis Berman, M.D.
Her mind, like her skin, her hair and her pelvis, is a product of the ovarian endocrines.
"The Glands Regulating Personality"
Louis Berman, M.D.

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