What is another word for cardiac?

Pronunciation: [kˈɑːdɪˌak] (IPA)

The word "cardiac" is often used to describe anything related to the heart. However, there are many synonyms that can be used instead of "cardiac" to describe different aspects of the heart and its functions. For example, "cardiovascular" can describe the entire circulatory system, including the heart and blood vessels. "Cardiopulmonary" describes the connection between the heart and lungs. "Myocardial" specifically refers to the muscle tissue of the heart. "Coronary" refers to the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients. "Aortic" or "mitral" describe specific valves within the heart. Using these synonyms can help add variety to your writing and make it more precise.

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What are the opposite words for cardiac?

Cardiac is a term used to describe anything related to the heart or cardiovascular system. The opposite of cardiac is often used to describe something that doesn't affect the heart or cardiovascular system. One antonym for cardiac is pulmonary, which refers to the lungs and respiratory system. Other antonyms for cardiac may include things like skeletal or muscular, which relate to the bones and muscles of the body. These antonyms can be useful in medical contexts when trying to differentiate between different types of diseases or conditions that affect various systems of the body.

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Usage examples for Cardiac

There she died last Friday evening, having improved in her cardiac symptoms, but pneumonia supervening a week ago.
"The Letters of William James, Vol. II"
William James
Our race would behave just as any single man behaves when death takes him suddenly through some cardiac failure.
"Underground Man"
Gabriel Tarde
Where organic cardiac disease is at the bottom of the trouble, we cannot of course expect much permanent improvement.
"The Electric Bath"
George M. Schweig

Famous quotes with Cardiac

  • It's a shell game... They "give" you "free" health-care, then enslave you with a tax burden so heavy you go into cardiac arrest from the load.
    Michael Savage

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