What is another word for pacemakers?

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Pacemakers are electronic devices that help regulate the heartbeat of individuals with abnormal heart rhythms. There are several synonyms for the word pacemaker, including implantable cardiac devices, heart rhythm controllers, heart rate stabilizers, and cardiac regulators. These devices work by sending electrical impulses to the heart muscle to help it beat at a regular pace. Pacemakers have been a life-saving invention for millions of people with heart conditions, and their use has dramatically improved the quality of life for many. With advancements in medical technology, pacemakers have become smaller, more effective, and longer-lasting than ever before, offering new hope for those suffering from cardiac problems.

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      Medical Device, cardiac aid, cardiac technology, electro-stimulator, heart stimulant.

    Usage examples for Pacemakers

    In the art of aviation, and in the construction of air-craft, our French, German, and American rivals were very efficient pacemakers in the aerial race for supremacy, and during the years 1909-12 we were in grave peril of being left hopelessly behind.
    "The Mastery of the Air"
    William J. Claxton
    These two pacemakers in the small pen kept the sheep coming so fast that every worker below had a task cut out for him.
    "The Call of the Canyon"
    Zane Grey
    There are instances in which it would be to the mutual interest of employer and employee to increase the speed of work, but conditions may limit or forbid the use of pacemakers.
    Scott, Walter Dill

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