What is another word for pacesetters?

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[ pˈe͡ɪssɛtəz], [ pˈe‍ɪssɛtəz], [ p_ˈeɪ_s_s_ɛ_t_ə_z]

The word "pacesetters" refers to individuals or groups that set the pace or standard for others to follow. Synonyms for pacesetters include trailblazers, innovators, pioneers, leaders, trendsetters, forerunners, role models, and pathfinders. These individuals or groups are often celebrated for their creativity, originality, and ability to inspire others to achieve greater heights. They may be found in various fields, such as business, sports, arts, or politics. Whatever their background or profession, pacesetters share a common trait of being visionaries who challenge the status quo and push boundaries to achieve their goals. Their influence can be profound, transforming industries or entire societies.

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