What is another word for parapsychologist?

Pronunciation: [pˈaɹəsa͡ɪkˌɒləd͡ʒˌɪst] (IPA)

A parapsychologist is a person who studies psychic phenomena. There are several synonyms for this term, such as psychic researcher, paranormal investigator, ghost hunter, and spiritualist. Psychic researcher is an umbrella term that includes investigators who study a broad range of psychic phenomena, while paranormal investigator typically focuses on investigating ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal activity. Ghost hunter is more specific and refers solely to those who investigate ghost sightings. Spiritualist, on the other hand, is a term used for someone who seeks to contact spirits and communicate with the dead. Regardless of the word used, all these synonyms refer to individuals who are fascinated by the mysteries of the paranormal world.

Synonyms for Parapsychologist:

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