What is another word for Passer Montanus?

Pronunciation: [pˈasə mˈɒntanəs] (IPA)

Passer montanus, commonly known as the Eurasian tree sparrow, is a species of bird that belongs to the passerine family. The species is widely distributed across Europe and Asia, and often lives in close association with humans, nesting in buildings and feeding on scraps. Due to its wide geographical range, the Eurasian tree sparrow goes by a number of different names depending on the region. In Europe, the bird is sometimes called the "German or Austian sparrow" or simply "tree sparrow", while in Asia, it may be referred to as the "Chinese sparrow" or "Japanese sparrow". Regardless of its name, the Eurasian tree sparrow is a beloved bird in many regions, often seen as an urban companion of sorts.

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What are the hypernyms for Passer montanus?

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