What is another word for passerine?

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[ pˈasəɹˌiːn], [ pˈasəɹˌiːn], [ p_ˈa_s_ə_ɹ_ˌiː_n]

Passerine birds are defined by their anatomical features, including three forward-facing toes and a unique joint in their vocal tract. Synonyms for the word passerine are typically referring to these distinctive features, such as perching birds or songbirds. They are also sometimes referred to as oscines, from the Latin for "singing bird". Passerine birds are incredibly diverse, with over half of all bird species falling into this category. Some common examples include finches, sparrows, and warblers. Despite their varied appearances and habits, all passerine birds share these defining characteristics and have adapted to thrive in environments all over the world.

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What are the opposite words for passerine?

Passerine refers to birds that have feet adapted for perching, with three toes pointing forward and one pointing backward. The antonyms for passerine are non-perching or non-passerine birds. These are the types of birds that don't have feet adapted for perching, but rather for swimming, wading, or running. Examples of non-passerine birds include waterfowl like ducks, swans, and geese and raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls. These birds typically have different physical characteristics that allow them to thrive in their respective environments. As such, understanding the difference between passerine and non-passerine birds can help in identifying bird species and learning about their unique features.

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Usage examples for Passerine

Now, it is quite certain, as I have shown in 'Lahore to Yarkand,' that several of our Indian passerine birds do cross the entire succession of Snowy Ranges which divide the plains of India from Central Asia, and it is tolerably certain from my researches and those of numerous contributors that L. cristatus breeds only north of these ranges.
"The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1"
Allan O. Hume
Hood's labors were poetic, but his sports were passerine.
"Charles Lamb"
Barry Cornwall
And separations of nocturnal migrants into broad categories, such as seabirds and passerine birds, are often both useful and feasible.
"A Quantitative Study of the Nocturnal Migration of Birds. Vol.3 No.2"
George H. Lowery.

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